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Pink Wool.png

White Wool.png Baabs wool.png

Item Wool, Pink Wool and Baab's Wool
Type Mob Drop
Obtain Killing Sheep, Mountain Rams, Baab
Usage Quests

Wool is an item dropped by Sheep, Mountain Rams, Pink Sheep of Greatness and Baab.

Block of Wool

A white wool block titled Block of Wool is a common drop from Sheep and Mountain Rams. The main purpose of wool is for the quest Creeper Infiltration; other then that they have no use.

Block of Pink Wool

There is also a rare chance to obtain a Block of Pink Wool by killing a sheep. 1 Block of Pink Wool is needed to complete the Wrath of the Mummy quest.

In Deltas Suburb, there is a sheep called "The Pink Sheep of Greatness" which will drop a Block of Pink Wool when slain.

The Pink Sheep of Greatness always drops one Block of Pink Wool, but are rare to encounter.

In Rymek, there also is a Pink Wool Merchant where players can buy a block of Pink Wool.

Baab's Wool

Upon killing Baab, he drops Baab's Wool. It looks like a regular piece of blue wool except you use it for the quest Reincarnation.


  • Pink wool is a rarer drop than Legendary items.
  • Having high loot bonus on your weapons can help increase your chances of getting a pink wool.
  • Before the "1.09 Quest Update", pink wool was harder to find.