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Troms CityIcon.PNG
2013-11-02 15.45.08.png

A stylized render of the entrance to Troms

Coordinates X: -860, Z: -900
Minimum Suggested Level 55

Standard Merchants
Armor Merchant Level 51, 53, 55, 57
Weapon Merchant Level 56
Potion Merchant Level 2-5 healing and hunger

Other Merchants Emerald Merchant
Scroll Merchant
Other Amenities Bank
Item Buyer

Quest Starts The Passage

Troms is a major town in the Jungle. People mainly come here to meet up, buy potions, or bank their items. Troms also contains a passage that allows safe entrance to the Jungle without risk of dying from the Magma Slimes, bridge archers, and Crystal Shrines on the bridge, though it is worth noting that one must do a level 57 quest to gain access. Troms was added in the 1.09 Quest Update.

Points of Interest


  • Bank - The bank is one of the main reasons people come to Troms. It is a large building with two entrances to the banks on both sides.
  • Potion Shop - The potion shop includes higher tier potions than other cities. The potions heal more than most other potions, but cost more Emeralds too.
  • Scroll shop- Troms teleport scrolls are 4 Emerald Blocks (eb) each.
  • Armour shop- Pure Iron boots, leggings and helmet and pure diamond chestplates are sold here (but not for a cheap price!).
  • Weapons shop- Level 56 pure oak wood weapons are sold here for a good price.
  • The Salted Samon - The starting NPC for the quest Out of My Mind, Buendo lives on the top floor of this inn.
  • Filifolipo's Jungle Antics
  • Jungle Slime Inn
  • Reenler's Jungle Beat
  • Builder Bar and Inn
  • Avver's Organics
  • Piers Morgan Top Secret Lab




  • The name "Troms" comes from "Storm_Smurf", one of WynnCraft's builders.
  • Troms and Ragni are mentioned in the official lore as the first and strongest cities constructed in the early days of the province.
  • Before the 1.14 Gavel Expansion, the Guild Master was accessible through a teleporter in this city.


Troms fountain
A stylized render of the city's center fountain at sunset.
Troms staircase
A view of the city's entrance pathway and staircase, which one climbs to enter the city if approaching from the Jungle.