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Mushroom Man

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Mushroom Man
Quest Info
Difficulty Medium
Location Nivla Woods
Level 12
Reward As follows

Mushroom Man is a medium level 12 quest residing in the Nivla Woods.


Yahya the Mushroom Man, a crazed hermit, requires the player to collect mushrooms and a bowl for him.

Stage 1

» Talk to Yahya "The Mushroom Man" in Nivla Woods.

 Location   Nivla Woods   X   -277   Z   -1680 


  • Yahya: G-... Hi! What a coincidence, I... I actually need you, yes.
  • Yahya: You see, um... I am out of... red mushrooms. Yes. I need them. Mushrooms.
  • Yahya: I have a title to keep! Mushroom, I-... I can't be called "The Mushroom Man" if I don't have any!.. Mushrooms.
  • Yahya: ... hehe... Mushrooms.
  • Yahya: ...
  • Yahya: What are you looking at? G-... Get me like [3 Red Mushrooms] or something..! I'll give back the money someday, if you care that much.

Stage 2

» Bring back 3 Red Mushrooms to Yahya.

» See: Mushroom Merchant


  • Yahya: Oh, it's you. What? Red mushrooms? I-... I'm pretty sure I asked for the brown ones.
  • Yahya: Yes I did. I remember, Mushrooms. I'll still take what you have as pittance for your horrible job.
  • Yahya: Care to fix your mis-... mistake? Mushrooms. Get me [1 Brown Mushroom]. Thanks.

Stage 3

» Bring back 1 Brown Mushroom to Yahya.

» See: Mushroom Merchant


  • Yahya: You again? Oh, you have the... brown one.
  • Yahya: Good. Mushrooms.
  • Yahya: Well, I-... I can't make any soup without my... "bowl", hehe.
  • Yahya: You are good at what you do. Can you get me [1 Bowl]?
  • Yahya: There's a village hidden in the forest, I-... I remember they sell these. Mushroom? No, bowls. They sell bowls

Stage 4

» Bring back 1 Bowl to Yahya to complete the quest.

» See: Bowl Merchant


  • Yahya: H-...Hey! I didn't expected you to find it... Haha... Um...
  • Yahya: I still need you to bring me... Um...
  • Yahya: Spoons.
  • Yahya: To eat my soup-.. Oh wait, I already got some spoons.
  • Yahya: I guess I need to pay you now. Is [2 Emeralds] fine with you?
  • Yahya: Oho okay, ok-... okay! It was a joke, don't get all ex-... ex-... excited. Here, just take these and go away.


  • You can buy the Red/Brown Mushrooms from the Mushroom Merchant at Elkurn for 12 Emeralds each; however, as of the 1.12 update, mushrooms can also be found throughout Nivla Woods, making the quest much easier than in 1.1.
  • The Bowl can be bought from the Bowl Merchant in the village at the south of Nivla Woods.



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