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Different mobs are scattered all around the Wynncraft province. They have unique abilities and come in various levels. If a player kills a mob, they gain experience points, which can then be used to level up. The amount of experience points a player earns depends on the level of the mob, level of the player, and the difference between these levels. The closer of level a mob is to you, the more experience points a player will gain from killing it, however, the larger the level difference, the less experience you earn.


Villagers can be found across the WynnCraft province. They are various levels and are used as citizens in different towns. There are different types of villagers that can be found. They can be used as citizens, NPCs, and Merchants. There are NPCs spread out across the map. These different NPCs were added along with quests with the 1.08 update. When you click on them, they can start, advance, or complete a quest. The player then receives a reward for completing a quest. The rewards consist on experience, Emeralds, or quest items (required to complete a future quest). Merchant are also spread out in the map. There are multiple merchant that you can buy items from with Emeralds. Some on these merchants have armour and weapons. Some merchants can be used for completing a quest, while others have items that help you in your journey.

Villager Merchants

For info about what they are selling, Right-Click them.

Quest NPCs

Quest NPCs administer quests upon being talked to. They can be anything, from Humans, Villagers, even inanimate objects. They have green tags above their name, along with a gray "Quest NPC" tag, and have green particles around them. They can be located throughout the map. You can look for certain NPCs using your quest book. When you click on a NPC, you can start, advance, or complete your quest. There are different quests for different levels. There are also quests that need certain quest items (for example the Temple of the Legends), which you can receive if you complete specific quests. So you might need the to do all the quests before trying to start a quest.



Horses are an in-game purchasable pet, they allow the player to quickly travel around the Wynncraft map. You can buy them (or do a quest at level 34 and receive one for free) at 2 horse merchants located in the map. The first (for public access) requires you to do a quest. The merchant is located in Ternaves and after you complete the quest you get a free horse. If you want to purchase another pet, it costs 24 emerald blocks. There was a second horse merchant located in the Donator Town. This merchant sold a tier 1 and a tier 2 horse. The tier 1 used to cost 24 blocks and the tier 2 horse used to cost 64 blocks (or 1 liquefied emerald). If you want to breed a horse, you need to take two horses, and you need to put them in your crafting square and you need "craft" them together. You have a 20% chance at getting the next tier, 30% chance at getting a worse horse than you started with, and a 50% chance at getting the same horse. The highest tier currently is tier 4 (white). When you are about to breed them you will see the "???" on the new saddle. This prevents you from knowing what the horse you are about to mix to get.

Read more about Horses

Hostile Mobs

There are hostile entities such as Zombies, Spiders, Creepers, Skeletons, Spiders (which are in shape of cave spiders), Silverfish, Slimes, Squids, Pigmen, Endermen, Blazes, Wolves in Nesaak Forest, Angry Villagers from the Corrupted Village, Mooshrooms, Wild Ocelots in the Savannah near Almuj, or Magma Slimes near Troms. These mobs attack you and will give you experience points when killed. There are different mobs with different armour, weapons, and level. The level usually tells you how much armour and attack a mob has. When you are farming for experience, you receive more experience from killing mobs closer to your level. Killing a mob in range of five levels to you is usually a good choice.

When you are on your journey, you will eventually come across a dungeon. These dungeons will have challenges and will require you to kill other mobs along the way. The higher the level dungeon it is, the more difficult it is to complete. There are five dungeons across the map, and can be located at WynnCraft Map . After you complete the dungeon, you will get experience and emeralds.

List of Hostile Mobs Based on Region

For more information on where these are see locations.

Wynn Province Mobs

Emerald Trail / Close to Ragni

Nivla Forest:


Time Valley:

Nemract / Ancient Nemract / Coastal Trail:

Mount Wynn:


Desert of Almuj:


The Roots of Corruption:

Nesaak Forest:

Tower of Ascension:

Great Bridge:


Troms Lake:

Dernel Jungle:

Temple of Legends:

Gavel Province Mobs

Llevigar Plains:

Olux Swamp:

Dark Forest:

River Sage:

Light Forest:

Kander Forest:

Cinfras County:

Canyon of the Lost:

Molten Heights:

Underground Molten Heights:

Sky Islands:

Non Hostile Mobs

Passive critters may be found around the world such as the Cow, Sheep, Tamed Horse or the Chicken. The Creepers in the Creeper's Hideout do not attack the player due to the mask they must wear in order to enter. The Guard Golems and Tamed Ocelots are the only passive mobs except villagers that live in Towns.

List of Peaceful Mobs based on Region

Note: This list will not include the level 1 mobs with 1 health that drop untradeable items for quests/mysteries.

Wynn Province Mobs

Ragni Outskirts

Gavel Province Mobs

Light Forest

List of Defending Mobs based on Region

Wynn Province Mobs

Gavel Province Mobs

List of Mobs in Quest Areas

These are not quest NPC's just the mobs, wether they're friendly or not.


The mob's comportement depends of the color of its nametag :

  • Mobs with light blue nametags will protect you from hostile mobs nearby.
  • Mobs with green nametags are passive, they won't attack you.
  • Mobs with orange nametags are neutral, they'll only attack you if you hurt them first.
  • Mobs with red nametags are hostile, they'll try to kill you.