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Maltic's Well

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Maltics Well
Quest Info
Location Maltic
Level 18
Reward As follows

Maltic's Well is an old and crumbling well in the small town of Maltic. Rynend a member of the town, wants you to investigate it; to see if it poses any danger to the town. Investigate the well to receive Maltic's recommendation letter, a quest item for a future quest.

Stage 1


  • Rynend: Please help us! My name is Rynend, I am a poor villager of this town.
  • Rynend: Since last week, an evil witch has found refuge in our old well.
  • Rynend: We aren't strong enough to kill it, and this is our only source of water.
  • Rynend: Please do something. Bring me back proof of her death and I'll make sure to reward you greatly!

Stage 2

  • Investigate the old Maltic well
  • Defeat the Witch that is hiding out in the well

Stage 3

  • Return to Rynend with your findings


  • Rynend: You did it! Thank you so much! Our town will be eternally grateful.
  • Rynend: Though... we aren't a very rich place, most of our citizens left years ago to make a fortune in Detlas.
  • Rynend: Please take this [1 Maltic Recommendation Letter], I am sure it will help you someday!