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Black Armor

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Black Armor
Render Black Armor.png
Item Leather Armor (
Type Special Armor
Obtain Black Armor Merchant
Usage Worn as Armour


Black Armor can be only be purchased from the Black Armor Merchant, who can be found hidden behind a waterfall in Almuj.


The Black Armor set was composed of the following pieces:

Icon Item Name Cost Min. Lv. Def. Avg. Identifications
WynnIconCSS.png Black Cap WynnIconCSS.png 1 Emerald Block 33 39
  • Health Regen: 0.3
  • Spell Damage: 6%
  • XP Bonus: 4%
  • Loot Bonus: 5%
WynnIconCSS.png Black Tunic 45
WynnIconCSS.png Black Pants 43
WynnIconCSS.png Black Boots 41


  • The Black armor is dyed leather armor, all with the colour code #191919.
  • The level minimum to wear the armor is level 33.
  • The total defense for the armor is 168.
  • It costs 495 Emeralds (7 EB + 47 Emeralds) to fully identify each item