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Item Wool and Pink Wool
Type Mob Drop
Obtain Killing Sheep, Mountain Rams, Baab
Usage Quests

Wool is an item dropped by Sheep, Mountain Rams, and Baab.

Block of Wool

A white wool block titled Block of Wool is a common drop from Sheep and Mountain Rams. The main purpose of wool is for the quest Creeper Infiltration; other then that they have no use.

Block of Pink Wool

There is also a rare chance to obtain a Block of Pink Wool by killing a sheep. 1 Block of Pink Wool is needed to complete the Wrath of the Mummy quest.

Baab's Wool

Upon killing Baab, he drops Baab's Wool. It looks like a regular piece of wool except you use it for the quest Reincarnation.


  • Pink wool is a rarer drop than Legendary items.
  • Having high loot bonus on your weapons can help increase your chances of getting a pink wool.
  • Before the "1.09 Quest Update", pink wool was harder to find.